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We are a team of HIGHLY QUALIFIED CONSULTANTS who offer personalized coaching and counseling for securing admissions to undergraduate (BS, BBA) and graduate (MS, MBA, and PhD) programs abroad.

Our services include

We offer services to students ALL OVER INDIA

Some of the universities where our students have got admits include

UCLA, UC Berkeley, UT Austin, UMich, Texas A&M, UPenn, UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, CMU, UMass Amherst , Univ of Maryland, ASU, Purdue, Indiana Univ, RSM-Nederland, HEC-France, Univ of Toronto, Syracuse, SUNY Stony Brook, Clemson, Univ of Missouri-Rolla, North Carolina State Univ,  UT Dallas, USC, Univ of Houston, Rutgers, Urbana Champaign, Duke, Cornell, John Hopkins, Rice, SMU, Ohio State, Penn State, Univ of Georgia, Columbia, NYU, UIC, Washington State ... and many more