At Academy One we understand that every student has unique educational and career goals. We thus work with our students individually and offer customized solutions to help them secure admission in a program that aligns with their interests and career objectives.

STUDY ABROAD COUNSELING (BS, MS, MBA in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, NZ, Singapore)

As part of our services we offer assistance in EACH STEP OF THE APPLICATION PROCESS, which includes:

Pre Application Counseling

An elaborate counseling session wherein we evaluate the student's profile, aptitude, interests, and discuss opportunities and specializations suitable for the student.

University and Program Selection

We work with students, guiding them on the universities that they could apply to. While recommending universities and programs, we consider several factors such as the student's academic profile and test scores, financial capabilities, location of the program, funding options available, career prospects on graduating from the program, and so on.

Complete Application Assistance (SOPs, Essays, Resume, Recommendation Letters, and more)

Admission committees at foreign universities look beyond the applicant's academic profile and test scores while making admission decisions. Several factors such as a well drafted resume, well articulated application essays, quality of recommendation letters etc, play a vital role in the admission decision making process. We thus assist students fine tune their resumes, application essays, SOPs (Statement of Purpose) etc. We also verify their online application forms before they are submitted to the universities.

Financial and Visa Guidance

We guide students and their parents on various funding and financing options available to them, and on the documents required to ensure that the visa procurement becomes a hassle free process. We also coach students to answer questions typically asked by visa officers.

Additionally we also guide students on other aspects such as foreign exchange and remittance, immunization requirements, overseas health insurance, housing and so on.

GENERAL CAREER COUNSELING AND GUIDANCE PROGRAM (for 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th class as well as graduate students)

As part of our career counseling and guidance program, we offer holistic career planning which includes:

Evaluation & Assessment

Using a combination of psychometric tools, and personality and interest assessment methodologies, we carry out an exhaustive assessment to determine an optimal career fit for the student.

Stream Selection

Based on the results of our evaluation, and the student's overall aptitude and interests, we recommend streams that the student can pursue. We also guide the student regarding various exams and admission procedures to colleges that offer courses related to those streams.

Career Guidance and Planning

For graduate students we offer complete career guidance and planning sessions that help them plan their future career, be it in India or abroad.