Few of our student testimonials

Kavitha G (MS -Engineering Management - Duke University, USA)

"I went to Academy One for professional counseling after having received several recommendations from friends and acquaintances; and I must say- I wasn't let down! Jay and Jothsna offered quick turnaround- something that all of us are really anxious about since we're amateurs in the field of education and its ways and means. Right from advising me on which were the right universities for my preferred course, to analyzing my chances at bagging good admits, to proofreading my Statement of Purpose and Curriculum Vitae, to offering tips to crack the visa interview (Not to forget the subsidized DHL facility :)), I had a pleasant experience dealing with Academy One. "

Supriyo M (PGP - ISB, Hyderabad)

"I would like to thank Jay for his guidance and support throughout the MBA application process. My journey to a business school would have been much tougher had I not approached him at the right time. Admission in a business school does not only depend on how strong your profile is, but also on how well you project it. It was easy for me to get lost in the huge pool of applicants with the same Engineering / Information Technology background. During my first few interactions with Jay he helped me self-reflect and bring out the differentiating factors in my profile. He had always been there - from choosing the right schools to mock interviews - until I received an admission offer, - and I emphasize on the word, "always".
Thank you Jay for everything. I wish great success for you and Academy One . "

Akshay A (Master of Information Systems Management - Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), USA)

"Right from college selection, to reviewing my applications right up to I getting my VISA stamped, Jay and Jothsna have always been there. The best thing about them is that they are always available on chat, phone or email. I never hesitated asking the smallest of doubts, which were a lot, and I always got a prompt and useful reply. As I head to CMU, I would like to thank them for the efforts they have taken to help me reach my destination. "

Sanjeev S (MS - Bioinformatics. - Georgia Tech, USA)

"I came to know about Jay & Jothsna from one of colleague who told me that you won't find any other counsellors better than them in Mumbai and I am really happy to share the same experience to people who ask about counsellors. One thing which I really liked was their professionalism. Jay and Jothsna have been of great help. Their tremendous support and guidance has helped me cross most difficult phase (Application Phase). I never hesitated to ask any doubt, no matter how small the queries were and they were answered patiently. The SOPs and other edited documents from Academy one were very good and without that I wouldn't have got admit from GATech and Rutgers.
I am thankful to Jay and Jothsna for all their assistance. I would strongly recommend students aiming for higher studies to avail Academy One's services."

Pooja S (Master in Management of Information Systems - Kelley School of Business, Indiana Univ USA)

"Academy one has been instrumental in transforming my dream of studying in the US into reality. Throughout the whole process of selecting the universities, applying to them, selecting my destination and clearing the visa interview, its guidance helped me make the right choices at every step. I was completely unaware of this whole journey however Academy One helped me sail through it very smoothly.
I sincerely thank Academy One for its support and suggestions through out."

Girish C (MS in Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor USA)

"The help rendered in making the SOP brought out points I would have never thought of making it an impressive document. Following several inputs and discussion regarding the right university selection with Jothsna and Jay Rege, helped me finalize on the universities that I applied to and I was able to apply to get a great admit. Guidance given by them at each time was really helpful throughout the admission process."

T. C. Kumar (MBA - Univ of Virginia, Darden, USA)

"I hired Jay to guide me through the MBA application process and that turned out to be the best decision I made early in July. His MBA background, MBA application consulting expertise and his accessibility for any type of question were a great asset to my application strategy. He helped me develop an understanding of what adcoms are looking for and how to present the best of my profile and past experiences. Above all, he made himself available for discussions whenever I needed, even on very short notices!
An MBA is all about learning through sharing and mentoring as the second year students do with the first year students. And I felt I got that mentor for my application process and that helped me bring out my true self in my essays and receive interview calls from schools such as Michigan Ross and Simon Rochester and finally receive admits from Darden and ISB!!"

Aditi S (MS - Environmental Engineering. - Carnegie mellon University (CMU), USA)

"I would like to express my deep gratitude to Academy One for counseling me throughout the strenuous MS application process. The best thing about them is that they are always accessible during any time of the day and my doubts were solved promptly. Right from university selection, recommendation letter drafts, SOP evaluation to the Visa applications, everything was completed smoothly and well within the deadline for which the credit goes to Academy One. Compared to other counselors, Academy One is very reasonable and definitely worth the money.
Thank you Jay Sir and Jothsna Ma'am for your valuable advice and guiding me throughout this process."

Harsh A (MS in Computer Science, University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) USA)

"I heard about Academy One from my college seniors. One meeting with Jay Sir and Jothsna Ma'am and I was convinced that I had come to the right place. Right from university selection to Visa interviews, Academy One was extremely helpful. Listing appropriate universities suiting my profile and choice of subjects, helping in the preparation of SOPs and LORs, going through the application forms before submitting them to the respective universities, giving a comparative analysis of the various universities from where I got admits, guiding through the various formalities of the admission process, systematic guidance in the Visa process and conducting mock Visa interview were some of the salient features of Academy One. Mr. and Mrs. Rege were very professional in their approach. They would always give a rational advice and never tried to force a decision on me. No matter how small a doubt, Jay Sir and Jothsna Ma'am always replied to my questions, be it on the phone or email. All my email queries were answered in less than 24 hours. One thing that I really liked about Academy One was that Jay Sir and Jothsna Ma'am used to personally handle each and every student's case.
I think I made a wise decision by joining Academy One for the counselling process as the whole journey from the post-GRE-TOEFL period to the approval of the Visa was made very smooth by Mr. and Mrs. Rege. I thank Jay Sir and Jothsna Ma'am for all the help and support that they have provided. "

Krupa R (MS - Electrical Engineering. - Georgia Tech, USA)

"Academy One really made it easy to sail through the process of university selection, application as well as visa . Jay sir and Jothsna mam are always available to clarify our doubts which are indeed in plenty during the entire admission procedure. Counselling really helps while applying for universities abroad and I would say that Academy One is the apt choice for it."

Anupriya D (MBA - Emory University, Atlanta, USA)

"I took the services of Academy One after scouting for a couple of consultants who could assist me in my B School applications. Given that I was working at that time, I wanted a source of information and experience for some direction on applications. As I began the process I was pleased to learn more options than I had research on my own. Working with Jay was absolute pleasure and I always felt more in control of my applications. It added some rigor and discipline towards application deadlines. Although there are last minute chores which need to be done, but there was a solid support system in the form of reviews and feedback I received from Jay. Today as I reflect back, I think it was one of the best decisions I made in my application process."

Nimai B (MS - Computer Sc. - Columbia University, USA)

"Having researched about many counselors in the city, I finally chose to join Academy One. My decision to do so was influenced by many of my seniors from college whom Jay and Jothsna Rege had counseled through the tedious admission process. These students have gone to some of the top schools in the world and strongly recommended me to go to none other than Mr and Mrs. Rege.
What I found best about Mr and Mrs Rege is their availability and approachability. At least one of them is available in person, on phone, email or on chat almost all the time on all days. Their guidance has helped me from the early stages of university selection to the later stages of visa. The entire process became much smoother and simpler since I could always get my queries cleared by them.
In addition to the major problems that one would face, the smaller issues are the one's that often hamper the application process. Jay and Jothsna helped me through all the possible issues, big and small.
I would strongly advice all students aspiring to study abroad to join Academy One because of Jay and Jothsna's expertise and experience in the field, patience to solve problems, availability, approachability and value for money.
I'd like to thank Jay Sir and Jothsna Mam for all the help ! Wish you the best of luck for your future endeavors !"

Pravin S (MS - Electrical Engineering. - Georgia Tech, USA)

"I would like to thank Jay sir and Jothsna Madam for their complete support and guidance throughout my application process For a working professional like me, managing a job at one hand and doing applications in parallel, is surely a demanding task. But a very structured approach of the Academy one towards the application process, made my experience very enjoyable and easy. One of the best things about their service is unmatched online presence on gtalk and facebook. I could clear all my doubts, with just a ping on gtalk, almost any time of the day. Also, if had any problem, I never hesitated to call and confirm with sir or madam, at that very moment. This was the exact kind of personalized counseling, i was looking out for. Also, my parents had many doubts, regarding arranging finances and other processes. Their one-to-one session with Sir, at regular intervals, definitely helped them take a very informed decisions and arrangements from the start.
My experience with the Academy One has been simply wonderful, and I surely recommend Academy one for their excellent and personalized counseling. I wish Sir and Madam all the very best and a great success in their future endeavors. Thank you Academy One."

Rucha K (MS - Computer Sc. - Univ of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC), USA)

"I got to know about Academy One through a friend of mine, and she gave me very good feedback about it. I was a little apprehensive initially, as their office was not close to my house and I would not be able to visit them frequently. But I must say that I worried for no reason. Mr. Jay Rege and Mrs. Jothsna Rege were very professional, and always available to help. While filling up the applications, I used to have doubts about the smallest of things; Jay and Jothsna were always available over the phone and on gtalk, and they gave me immediate replies for all my queries. They know that we are new to the application process, and they are very patient with all questions. What I liked most about them was that they personally attend to every student, unlike other counselors. I would like to thank them for their support and guidance. It was very reassuring to know that they were there to guide through the entire application process. I strongly recommend Academy One to all aspiring students who are looking for good and genuine counselors. I wish Jay and Jothsna all the best for the future."

Arindam M (MBA - University of Iowa (Tippie), USA)

"The first time I met Jay at his office in Chembur, he seemed like a college senior, ready to advise me and never ever trying to convince me to join Academy One. In fact this sets him apart from all other consultants I have known. Jay has always been there for me, no matter what time of day and for whatever silly little query that I have had. Over a period of 4-5 months, during the MBA application process, which has been an emotional roller coaster for me, Jay has been my pillar of strength.
If it had not been for Jay's exemplary guidance and tips, I would not have had admits from 6 B-Schools. My final decision of going to Tippie has also been primarily because of the inputs that I have had from Jay. Thank you Jay for all the invaluable tips."

Nidhi S (Masters of Finance (M.Fin) - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA)

"I had visited many counselors before narrowing Mr. Jay Rege for counseling. What seemed different about him were his sincerity and the genuine interest in the student's background to match them to the best university. In my case, I got an admit From MIT Sloan School of Management for their Master of Finance Program, due to his insistence that I apply even though I thought it was too ambitious.
I think what I really appreciate about them is their availability to all students for the smallest queries and their promptness. I could rely on their wordand plan accordingly. They would check all my applications before I sent them out, making sure everything was in order and I had not missed out or put the wrong documents (which was the case once).
I honestly cannot think of anyone who could guide me through the entire process better than Mr. Jay and Mrs. Jothsna Rege and I attribute my success partly to them. They are a dedicated and a sincere couple committed to the goal of making maximum students receive education from their dream universities."

Shruti B (MS - Computer Sc. - Univ of Texas at Austin, USA)

"I joined Academy One simply because everyone who had consulted with Mr. Jay Rege and Mrs. Jothsna Rege had something good to say about them.
From there on, they guided me with respect to every tiny detail, in the process of application. They patiently reviewed many versions of my application essays and also verified all the forms I filled. They were always approachable, by phone, email or chat. They also guided me with my answers for my VISA interview.
I will be pursuing my Masters in Computer Science from UT Austin. However, while filling out the application forms for UT Austin, I had accidentally filled a wrong form and submitted it. Jothsna Madam and Jay Sir helped me to email and call the right people at the university to convey my problem. And eventually, I filled out the correct form and got the University to discard the old one. So, I owe my success to them.
I am extremely happy with my decision to join them as they made the journey from application to admission, a very smooth one for me."

Binal J (Master of Information Systems Management - CMU, USA)

"Applying for a Masters Degree in the USA is quite a cumbersome task. It is not only an extremely long process but also requires immense research and knowledge. The help, the advice and the frank opinion provided by Jay Sir & Jothsna mam really encouraged me and helped to get through the long process of the applications. Even though I was a working individual and did not live in Mumbai, Jay Sir & Jothsna Mam were reachable at any point in time. They would never hesitate to answer all your queries. I did not get a good score at my first attempt in GMAT, but Jay SIr was the person who motivated me to give it a second shot. Today, I am extremely grateful to him for encouraging me to do the same as I feel proud of myself to have got admission in an esteemed institution like CMU. I share this credit with Academy One as they helped me build a strong SOP to overcome my average academic performance. With all my heart I thank Academy One for helping me scale new heights.
I strongly recommend Academy One to all the prospective applicants and be rest assured for a great future.
All the best Academy One!!! "

Swati G (Master in Management of Information Systems - Kelley School of Business, Indiana Univ USA)

"Academy one has been instrumental in transforming my dream of studying in the US into reality. Throughout the whole process of selecting the universities, applying to them, selecting my destination and clearing the visa interview, its guidance helped me make the right choices at every step. I was completely unaware of this whole journey however Academy One helped me sail through it very smoothly. I sincerely thank Academy One for its support and suggestions through out "

Kartik G (Master of Information Systems Management - CMU, USA)

"As a working professional one is bound to get lost in the process of deciding the universities but Jay and Jothsana were a get help. Even though I was not there in the same city, reaching them for any small issue was not at all a problem. Academy One does all the work in a planned manner and that helped me a lot. Starting from Reviewing your LOR's , SOP's to checking your application submissions they do it all. They understand your strengths, study your experience and then suggest the best possible colleges for you. At this point of time I would say that without the help of them I would not have landed up in one of the best universities in the world. Thanks a lot. Academy One highly recommended."

Varun M (MS - Information Management - Univ of Washington, USA)

"I heard of Academy One from my college friends who were very happy with the service provided by Jay sir and Jothsna ma'am. Being new to the entire process of applying for my Master's in the US, I was looking for a personalized approach, something which was lacking with the other counsellors that I had met. My first meeting itself with Jay sir helped me finalize on Academy one. What I really appreciated is the approachability which a student can have with the Academy One team. There were some critical points in my application process where I needed guidance/advice and I knew that Jay Sir was just a phone call away. This was crucial for any working professional like me, who had limited time to work on the application process.
Right from helping me with application forms for the Universities to preparing for my Visa Interview, everything was handled very smoothly by them. After going through the entire process I can confidently say that I made the right decision. I wish Academy One the best in all their future endeavors"

Akash M (Master of Information Systems Management - CMU, USA)

"This one is for all MS aspirants: You must be having this question on your mind: Do I need a consultant or can I make the applications myself? Well, if you have an expert friend who is available to answer all your queries and guide you through the application process smoothly and all this considering time constraints, then you may not need one. For me, Jay and Jothsna were like those friends without whose expertise I could have faltered in this long process of application to the US. More than the big and obvious doubts, it is more of those small doubts which kept coming up during the process and I didn't want my application to get delayed due to time spent on finding answers for the same. Jay and Jothsna have always given me prompt responses through email and phone to all my queries which ensured my application to be smooth. Apart from answering all my queries, it was their experience, suggestions and guidance that helped me not only complete my applications on time but successfully present my true potential to the universities I applied.
Right from my days of choosing the universities to the day of my visa interview, they always motivated me and gave me the confidence that I can do well. They made me believe that I am good and also pointed out areas where I shall improve. Without their services, I could have done these things but it would have taken 5 times the time I took.
If you are an applicant and you are working somewhere or are a current student in a college, believe me its going to be really painful to find answers by yourself for every small thing that comes up during the application process. I would highly recommend you to take services from Academy One for the fact that Jay and Jothsna genuinely help their students and you won't be cheated.
I want to really really thank Jay and Jothsna for being with me throughout this process. We were like a team and we share the success as a team. I wish success to all you applicants too and hope to see your testimonial up there next year :) "

Siddharth D (MS - Mechanical Engineering - Rochester Institute of Technology, USA)

"I have interacted with Academy One since 2010. Having known them since the past 2 years I am in a good position to recommend Academy One. I strongly recommend Jay and Jothsna for their counseling services for the following reasons:-
1) Accessibility- Jay and Jothsna are available almost 7 days a week from morning 9 am to evening 9 pm and never hesitate to answer calls. They are extremely prompt to reply to emails too. You can fix up an appointment with them real quick (within 1-2 days of calling, most times its possible the same day or the very next day). As they are always available on phone, filling online forms becomes easy as they are always there to solve queries. With many counselors, appointments have to be scheduled at least a week in advance and are not always available on phone. In my opinion this makes a major difference.
2) Ethics- There are rumors that some counselors suggest certain low ranked univs since the counselor allegedly has tie ups with the univ and gets paid for suggesting these univs to students. I found that all univs recommended by Academy One are good reputed univs.
3) Personal attention- All students are not given the same standard advice that one associates with counselors, but are advised depending on their profile and their abilities. For example during my time, the number of visa rejections was high for Mumbai consulate. I was advised to go in for Mumbai consulate itself whereas another person was advised to go to the Chennai consulate which had a lower rate of visa rejections. He was advised to go in for Chennai because his communication skills were not that good. I found that students were given personal attention.
4) Cost: Academy One in my opinion is very reasonably priced.
5) Quality of work: The advice given is good and Jay & Jothsna have a good knowledge of US univs. "

Srishti S (MS - Biological Sciences - Univ of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA)

"Applying to universities in the US is a long and arduous project. It takes a lot of research, hard work, patience and judgement. This entire process lasts more than a year and at every step there are questions and a lot of confusion. At such a point, help from a professional counsellor can be a lot of relief. I am happy with my association with Academy One because I always had someone to answer even the silliest of my questions. They have always been available through email, phone, chat, etc. The best thing that I liked about them is that they are realistic and give frank opinions about everything, unlike other counsellors. The first day I met them, I immediately noted that they were not trying to sell themselves like other counsellors did. They frankly and truthfully told me about their experiences and what they genuinely thought about my profile. That is what made me instantly decide that I had to go with Academy One. I am thankful to Mrs. Jothsna and Mr. Jay Rege for their continual support throughout."

Amit S (MS - Information Management - Univ of Washington, USA)

"I would take this opportunity to thank Jay & Jothsna for their help to achieve my dream. My decision to join academy one instead of other counsellors charging high fees was correct. Most important thing about them is that they are easily reachable through call, sms, and online chat. Since I was working I had very less time for admission procedures so I needed someone like them who would be available at flexible time. They are a one stop guide for your entire admission process, right from taking GRE date till Visa interview. Jay presented my application in a best way through SOPs and Recommendation letters and Jothsna's listing of Universities was perfect for my profile. They provided accurate judgment about admits. Itís because of them my entire admission process went smoothly. I am truly satisfied with their guidance and I would strongly recommend Academy One for higher studies counselling."

Isha A (MS - Telecommunications Management - Northeastern University, USA)

"I will start by saying a big "thank you" to Jay Sir and Jothsna mam... they have helped me to solve my doubts from the start. I was very confused with my university selection process but finally I got some very good admits though with an average profile, thankz to their guidance. I remember troubling them with so many calls while filling the applications but they always answered with a smile. The biggest advantage of Academy One was that sir and mam are always available on phone even on Sundays which made the process less stressful. They give very good guidance and a lot of moral support as well. And also I will never forget the help they offered with substantial mocks during my Visa process. It was all worth working with mam and sir."

Debasmit B (MS - Computer Science - SUNY Buffalo, USA)

"Initially I was a bit apprehensive about enrolling at Academy One. The only reason behind this was that I was in Kolkata and did not understand how someone can counsel you without seeing you face to face. But Jay and Jothsna proved me completely wrong! They were the perfect counselors and guided me excellently! From SOP and LORs to helping in the University selection and other application related matters, they were very very helpful. There was no problems in communicating with them. I could call them or ping them on gTalk, you will find them online during normal office hours and even beyond that and you'll never find any problems in approaching them. I feel that you get better services from Jay/Jothsna than from people who provide face to face counseling. I always came up with silly and stupid queries but Jothsna was always very patient in answering all my questions and clearing them beyond any doubts. The best thing about Jay is his simplest of solutions to the most complex of problems. I strongly recommend Academy One if you are looking for excellent counseling services and if you want value for your money."

Nikhil R (MS - Computer Sc. - Univ of California, Irvine, USA)

"Any apprehensions that I had about joining Academy One for their counselling services disappeared the minute I met Mr Jay Rege and Mrs Jothsna Rege. What struck me the most was their humble and calm demeanour. They put me at ease and washed away the notion that applying abroad was a painful process.
It was easy to trust their judgement because unlike other counsellors, they themselves had studied abroad and had firsthand knowledge about the entire process. They have guided me at every single step, right from helping me select a suitable program to the actual VISA interview. Not once during the entire process did I feel rushed or burdened. But what impressed me the most was how they were always available to clear my doubts, either in person, on the phone or over internet chat.
Joining Academy One is definitely the best admission related decision one can make. I can assure you that not only I but all of my friends who joined Academy One will attest to this fact. You simply can't go wrong with Academy One.
I'd like to thank Mr and Mrs Rege from the bottom of my heart and wish them the very best for their future and hope that they continue to transform aspirations to reality in the decades to come."

Shivangi A (MS - MIS - Univ of Washington, USA)

"I feel immensely glad to be writing this testimony for Academy One because it gives me a way to show my gratitude to Jay Sir and Jothsna Ma'am, without whose valuable guidance and assistance I would not have been able to make such confident decisions while selecting my universities for applications. It is after their guidance and help during my application process that today I am planning to proceed to the University of Washington, Seattle for my MS in MIS. The best part that I liked about Academy One was that they are always there to solve the tiniest of your queries at any time of the day. You can get in touch with Sir or Ma'am through call, sms, chat, mail etc and they would always assist you gladly. Personally whenever I had a query during my application process Sir and Ma'am were just a phone call away and they would always hear me out patiently and guide in the right direction which is very important because since we are new to the application process so there are bound to be many doubts. Also they pay utmost attention to the individual profile and guide regarding the SOPs etc keeping your individual profile in mind.
All in all I was very happy with all the assistance I was given and would recommend Academy One to all the prospective students planning for an education abroad."

Devrath C (MS - Electrical Engg. - North Carolina State Univ, USA)

"When I began my MS application procedures for US universities, I was initially confused about the universities to apply to, but Mrs. Rege provided me with a list of top-level universities that matched my requirements. The various steps that had to be followed, right from filling of forms and drafting SOPs to posting of documents and Visa preparation were greatly simplified by the constant guidance of Mr. & Mrs. Rege. Prompt response through phone calls or SMSes, and the ability to thoroughly clarify all doubts at any time made the entire process seem very smooth indeed."

Sharan M (MS - Computer Sc. - Univ of California, LA, USA)

"The role of a counsellor is to guide you with the admission procedure to US universities. Academy One not only excel in doing so but also make sure that you land in one of the best university for your program.Like other students even I wanted to join the best counsellor and had met many popular ones before my friends advised me to make a visit to Mr.Jay & Jothsna Rege. Unlike other counsellors, they are always available for you that is what I had heard from my friends and hence I decided to join Academy One. It has been a wonderful experience interacting with Jay Sir and Jothsna Maam. I just needed to make a call to them and my doubts would get solved within a minute. They have solution for almost every problem related to MS admissions. They have a good know how of the admission trends of the American Universities. I might be among the last ones to join them for counselling but was amongst the first ones to finish with the application procedures :) All "THANKS" to them. At times when I needed an appointment to meet them, they made sure that they were available to meet that very day or the next. Even while preparing for VISA, Jay Sir made sure that I am well prepared for my interview and my finance related documents are in order. They are 100 percent committed to their students.
I feel fortunate to have joined Academy One. I would sincerely recommend all my friends to join Academy One for their services and be assured of a good future."

Rishabh G (MS - Engineering Management - Stanford University, USA)

"After I gave my GRE and TOEFL, I wished to enlist a counselor to ease up my application procedure. My friend suggested Academy One and I dropped by to pay them a visit. I found them sincere, meticulous and professional in their approach and so I joined them for counseling. Best part I liked is that it's easy to contact them directly anytime (phone, chat or email) to clear any doubts, unlike other counselors in the city. They helped me in drafting the recommendation letters, editing my CV, SOP and other required formalities. No false hopes were given by them regarding the universities I applied to whenever I asked them anxiously about the replies I may receive.
I'm thankful for all their aid and assistance in the entire application procedure due to which it's been a smooth ride and made it effortless for me in getting admits from top universities like Stanford, Dartmouth, Columbia and USC."

Abhishek V (MS - Electrical Engg. - Univ of California, LA, USA)

"I would like to thank the Academy One team for all the help throughout my application process. The very first thing I noticed about Jay sir and Jothsna ma'am was that, unlike other counselors, they are very professional but at the same time are not the 'business karne waale' type. They are very simple people and that fosters a sense of respect for them. Jay sir especially is very practical and to-the-point. He calls a spade, a spade. They are there for you whenever you need them, there has never been an instance wherein I had called and my query wasn't solved. Personally, I feel they are finest counselors in Mumbai to say the least! Listen to what they have to say and you can be rest assured that everything will be perfect!"

Nruthya N (MS - Biotechnology - Northeastern, USA)

"I really would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Jay Rege and Mrs. Jothsna Rege for all their help through my application process.
Their guidance at every step right from the selection of colleges to Visa interview was very good. I found them to be amazing and genuine guides. They were always available through phone or internet or chat to even solve the most trivial issues. All in all i had a great application experience with of them.
Thanks a lot !!!!!!! "

Parasuram B (MS - Finance - Univ of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, USA)

"Unlike other counsellors, Jay and Jothsna Rege first came across to me as a modest and simple team. I took their counseling services on a recommendation from a friend and have no regrets. I am currently pursuing my MS Finance at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Right from shortlisting universities, drafting the SOP and recommendation letters, Jay & Jothsna gave me their 100% and in a timely manner. Personal time, simplicity and prompt responses are some of the things I was looking for, and they delivered.
I strongly recommend Academy One for foreign education counseling and wish Jay & Jothsna Rege all the very best for the future."

Akshay S (MS - CS- Georgia Tech., USA)

"As any normal student I wanted the best counselor for myself. I personally met almost all the big names but wasnt satisfied with anyone as everywhere the students had to work with the assistants who weren't that competent. I came across Jay & Jothsna Rege through my friend (Siddharth Mundle) and after meeting Jay Sir & Jothsna Mam I joined his counselling instantly. The best thing was he handled everything personally, had immense knowledge about everything rite from when to give GRE till the Visa interviews.
I know you might think that this testimonial is rigged and Jay Sir has written it on our behalf but trust me this testimonial has been written by me. I have met Jay sir personally just twice in the 1 yr because when you join them you don't have to go to his office every now and then. Its not that they don't allow you to come but you rarely need to meet them. They solves all queries via phone or mails. They are always there for help. I still remember the day prior to my visa interview. We discussed the possible visa questions till 11 in the night. This is his commitment towards his students.
As a fellow student I wouldn't say that you join Academy One but I would say that whichever counselor you choose, choose wisely. Don't go by the brand name or how big their offices are. The most important thing is whether he is available for you anytime. I guess I have been very lucky to have decided to go with Academy One."

Ashwini P (MS - Telecom - Univ of Maryland, USA)

"I believe that I made the right decision by choosing Academy One as my counsellors. I'm grateful to Jay and Jothsna for their help and support throughout My journey of my admission process. Their approach is professional yet very personal and friendly. They guided me in every way they could, right from short listing the Universities, applications, SOP, Recommendations, visa processes up till my visa interview. They have patiently attended all my queries and provided me with satisfactory solution.
Thank you for all your help. Finally, I would recommend Academy One to all who want to secure an admission in a good university in USA."

Rachit J (ME - Pharmaceutical Engineering, Rutgers Univ)

"I am very grateful to you Sir and Mam who have guided me throughout the counseling procedure. I did not know anything before at the start but it was them who helped me in each and every step and because of their excellent support I have been admitted to Rutgers University in my desired field of ME in Pharma Engg.
I hope your institution grows from strength to strength and Mam thank u so much for guiding me and I hope I dint irritate you with all my questions :)
Thanks for clearing all my queries. Mam and Sir Thank you so much."

Shishir G (MS - Computer Science - Columbia University, USA)

"The first word that comes to my mind when I think of Jothsna Maam and Jay Sir especially is "Patience".
Jothsna Maam and Jay Sir both have contributed a lot towards me finally accomplishing this much awaited "Columbia" dream of mine. Right from my first day of joining, sir and maam has been with me as and when I needed them unconditionally. My stupidest of the doubts were solved by them with utmost patience. They are the only professional counselors in the city who personally attend to their students throughout and thatís something that was very very important for me - dealing with sir and maam directly and not with anyone else. Throughout the entire process right from university selection to getting the visa finally, sir and maam has given me very very important inputs for which I really owe it to them.
Thanks a lot to both of you."

Ajinkya U (ME - Electical Engg. - Cornell University, USA)

"Academy One has played an important role in my admission into one of the best universities in the US. They guide the students at every step and with a smile. The best part about their service is them attending to the most stupid query through email, chat, phone or even if it means meeting them personally. This really helps a lot. They also assist students with other formalities like SOP's, LOR's, Resume, etc. I would like to recommend them to everyone who wants to pursue their education abroad in their dream university (They can make it happen!)"

Prashant T (MS - Electical Engg. - University of Minnesotta, USA)

"After I gave my GRE my main concern was to get into a top ranked school. I visited a few counselors before I came and met Rege sir. He was the only one out of the other counselors who suggested that I wouldn't have to take my GRE again and my credentials were sufficient to get me into a good school. Sir and ma'am were always available if there were any doubts and assisted me through the entire process.
I would recommend everyone to join Academy one for counseling because they deliver what they promise."

Tejas C (MS - Electical Engg. - Carnegie Mellon Univ, USA)

"Having secured decent marks in GRE (1280), I didn't think that I could get into the best universities of America. However, the first realization that I could actually break into the top 10 was only when I visited Jay Sir's Academy One. Where every other counselor told me to retake the GRE examination, Sir actually gave me confidence that my academic profile was a good one. Ma'am and Sir were always available for all doubts. It was an experience that has taken me to probably the best university in my list i.e. Carnegie Mellon (CMU). Be it the statement of purpose or the recommendation letters, everything was dealt with in the best manner and with utmost consideration to every individual profile. It was an experience worth remembering.
I would recommend every prospective individual to join Academy One. The cool, calm and composed manner in which Jay sir and Jothsna ma'am explain things is simple incomparable.
Thank You Sir and Ma'am for helping me and many other students and enabling us to conquer our dreams."

Sarvesh P (MS - Computer Science - North Carolina State Univ, USA)

"Jay and Jothsna have been like guiding stars all throughout. Right from selecting universities to VISA guidance, they have been superb. They have always given personalized attention to my queries no matter how silly they were :P(there have been quite a lot from me). Universities listing, applications, resumes, SOP's, RECO's, score reporting, immunizations, VISA counseling, you name it and they were there to help me out.
They have always been patient enough to clear all my questions/doubts in time. No doubt it is because of their meticulous study of the educational system abroad. They have always understood my apprehensions and concerns and given me the right guidance. All throughout they have been very professional in the approach and the most important thing was that they were approachable all the time(phone or chat), unlike other counselors in town.
Finally I would say it was great to be a part of the Academy One family. It's an apt name really. I can't really find a reason why this should not be called as ACADEMY ONE.
Thanks will be such a small gesture towards their contribution. ACADEMY ONE ROCKS!!!"

Kavita K (Master of Information Systems Management - CMU, USA)

"I have been admitted to the top schools for MS in Information Systems Management such as CMU, Kelley, University of Washington, TAMU and others. This would not have been possible without the timely guidance of Jothsna and Jay Rege.
I was always interested in doing my higher education and they not only guided me in choosing the right course for my MS, which would be in parallel with my career and interests, but also ensured that I completed my applications before time. They were always available online and over the phone for any queries I would have during the application process. This made it very simple for me to complete all school applications before time. I was also confident at the end of the application process to get admits from all the schools I had applied! :)
Their organized approach to the entire application process, availability at all times to answer any queries, follow-up to finish the applications on time and response to any other queries related to going to the US make them the best counselors in town.
I sincerely thank Jay and Jothsna Rege for everything."

Siddharth M (MS - CS - Univ of California at Los Angeles, USA)

"I wish to sincerely thank you for your guidance and support throughout my US universities application process, right from the initial stages up to the VISA formalities. Your thorough knowledge about this process and university-specific requirements was a great help in building up strong applications.
I would like to particularly stress here about the personal interest that you took in each and every question raised by me while preparing my applications. Your responses not only cleared the doubts but also informed me about other related possibilities. You have not only been very accessible and extremely prompt in your responses, but on occasions, you have yourself initiated certain discussions which otherwise i would have overlooked.
I am very happy to inform you that I received as many as 5 admits from reputed universities like University of California at Los Angeles, Carnegie Mellon and Georgia Tech. I started thinking seriously about UCLA only after you advised me about it, and now, having decided on UCLA I feel that I have made the right decision. I must add that I and my parents are very happy with the support and guidance that I got from you.
Thanking you once again"

Satish G (M.Arch- University of Houston, USA)

"Thanks to Jothsna & Jay for being with me during entire journey right from choosing the course, deciding universities, and the entire application process till the visa interview. It was an enjoyable and learning experience throughout. Jothsna's guidance helped me a lot at improving the SOP and Resume. Thanks to their help, I even got 50% scholarship at University of Houston. I will definitely recommend other students to be a companion with Academy One for the special Journey to your higher studies in the U.S."

Swarnika M (MS - MSIM - University of Washington, USA)

"Counseling with Mr. and Mrs. Rege was an immensely fulfilling experience. I had joined for both filling applications as well as for visa counseling. In both the cases, the experience was great. Their counseling was very effective following which I landed up in the university of my choice that perfectly suited my requirements.
I think the USP of having them as counselors was the fact that they are available 24x7 to solve any of the minutest queries. They were very helpful and extremely cooperative. During the entire process, right from helping with SOPs to filling out the application forms, the services provided were absolutely creditable. Visa counseling was equally commendable, they guided me through the entire procedure in every respect. There were minute details involved, they helped me out through each of it. Must say they have oodles of patience.
It was truly a great experience, I am completely satisfied with their counseling."

Priyanka S (MS - Civil. - Univ of Texas at Austin, USA)

"With so many counselors around in the city, it was difficult to choose one amongst them. I was working and didn't get much time to work on my application material during the day time. The only time which I could spend on applications is at night or on Sundays. In such a situation a friend of mine recommended that I should join with Academy One for counseling. Jay Sir and Jothsna Madam, they are very flexible with time. No appointments needed to meet them. Any time you want their help, they available for you online on gtalk or on phone. And if you send them mail at night you will surely get satisfactory and reliable solutions to queries by next morning, may the query be very small or complex.
Many factors like your academic background, your test scores etc govern your chances of getting admit to a good University. But the most important thing is how you present yourself through the SOP, resume etc. And here is where I got guidance from Jay Sir and Jothsna Madam. They also helped me with short-listing the universities, answered all my queries while filling up the application form, and guided me to prepare for the visa interview. I sincerely thank them for the help and guidance they have provided throughout this entire application process."

Kartik K (MS - Electrical Engg- North Carolina State Univ, USA)

"I was looking to apply to US Universities for MS and I needed a counselor's help for the same. One my friends told me about Academy One and suggested I meet them. I went with my parents to meet him for the first time. Our interaction with Jay and Jothsna made us feel we had made the right decision. They were very meticulous in their approach and had in-depth knowledge of the education system in the US. I wanted to apply for Spring but on reviewing my case they advised I apply for Fall. On their advice and after considering options, I retook the GRE, got a good score and decided to apply for Fall. This proved to be a very good decision.
The SOPs and Recommendation Letters provided by them were indeed very well constructed and a reader's delight. The amount of research put in to help students with their queries is remarkable. They are open to queries at any time and provide timely and good advice for the same. All in all a great association to have.
Thank You for all the Help."

Asmita K (MS - Computer Science - Georgia Tech, USA)

"Now, that i have secured admission in one of the best universities (GeorgiaTech), i can rightly say that Academy One has helped me immensely to do so. Without their guidance and support the whole process would have been a lot more difficult. The first step in any application process is to know your strengths and weaknesses and Academy One helped me to introspect deeper into my own self. Once that was done, the next step was school selection which can be said as the most important part. It is essential to apply to right schools, the ones that complement your profile. Academy One helped me to do that. Right from form filling to SOPs and Recos to courier services to visa interview to insurance policies they have guided me throughout and I would like to send a big thanks to Jay sir and Jothsna maam for that.
Finally i would say, that they may not have high tech plush offices but you know you have a friend sitting across the table ready to help you out and unlike other counselors who never seem to have time for you, they will always be accessible to you. If nothing else, you can always find Jay sir online :)"

Nikhil J (MBA - University of British Columbia, Canada)

"I was referred to Academy One by a friend from College. The guys at Academy One keenly understood my profile and helped me select from reputed Universities in 3 countries. Their inputs at every stage of the Admissions process only made things more clearer and easier. Academy One is the most resourceful destination for Students seeking Professional educational guidance combined with unmatched service."

Karan S (MS - Global Management - Thunderbird School of Global Management , USA)

"The team at Academy One has updated knowledge of all the MBA and business related courses happening around the world. I was given practical advice based on my background, which proved quite helpful for me as it meant not wasting time on courses or universities where I didn't stand a fair chance or which were not worth going to. Also, they helped me a lot in preparing my application packages and my visa documents. You can call them to clear your silliest doubts, which I often did! Thanks to them, I feel I have now taken proper decisions and am now on the right career path !!"

Kumar V (MS - Engineering Management - Case Western Reserve University, USA)

"I would sincerely like to thank Jay and Jothsna for their guidance throughout the entire admission process right from selecting the course to the visa interview. They are thorough professionals with very warm and friendly personalities. They were very accessible during any time of the day and did not hesitate to answer even the silliest of questions that I used to come up with. This made the entire admission process very smooth and relaxed.
They have an unbiased opinion about the universities and were very realistic about the options that I had. Another aspect which made their guidance so invaluable is their emphasis on attention to detail to each and every document that needs to be sent.
I wish Academy One all the very best for their future endeavors."

Amit S (MBA - University of Toronto (Rotman), Canada)

"I would sincerely like to thank Jay and Jothsna for their guidance throughout the entire admission process right from selecting the course to the visa interview. They are thorough professionals with very warm and friendly personalities. They were very accessible during any time of the day and did not hesitate to answer even the silliest of questions that I used to come up with. This made the entire admission process very smooth and relaxed.
They have an unbiased opinion about the universities and were very realistic about the options that I had. Another aspect which made their guidance so invaluable is their emphasis on attention to detail to each and every document that needs to be sent.
I wish Academy One all the very best for their future endeavors."

Rachna S (MBA - Smeal College of Business at Penn State University, USA)

"I would like to thank Jay Rege for his constant guidance and support during the arduous application process because of which I managed to secure an admit (with full scholarship) from The Pennsylvania State University (Smeal). The best part about Jay is that he is very approachable and answers even the most banal questions with much alacrity."

Aniket J (MS - Telecommunications, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA)

"I joined Academy One just because I had heard about it from my friends and it was near my college. After joining, their was no need to frequently visit them. They were always available online and ready to help you out. Even when I wanted to meet them, they were always available for it. They helped me right from universities selection to the visa interview. I remember, I troubled Jothsna mam a lot for the university selection but she was very cool. Sir helped me in drafting the complete application and further process. Their services didn't stop at that. They continued to keep themselves updates about my application status and also helped with the visa process.
Thank you Sir and Mam. It's because of you that I am able to fulfill my dream of doing MS."

Shilpa M (MBA - NUS, Singapore)

"I would like to thank Jay for his guidance and support in my B-school application process. Jay had been of great support especially since I started my application process pretty late. He guided me though the entire application process, a major portion of which was on how to approach the MBA essay writing. Jay was always there to discuss my doubts and difficulties. He patiently listened to all my ideas and suggested improvements. He helped me pen down my ideas on paper. Because of his help I could submit my applications on time (which initially seemed like an impossible task). Jay answered all my queries instantly on phone/online whenever I have asked him. Throughout the application process and all anxious moments, he was there to guide me. Because of him the journey to 'MBA admissions' was smooth. Thanks Jay for everything."

Snehal V (MS - Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara. USA)

"My association with Academy one has been very rewarding. I could approach Jay sir and Jothsna almost anytime and not even the slightest query would go unanswered. They have been indispensable in making crucial decisions. Their expertise in university selection has helped me get into UCSB-my dream institution. My Best Wishes are always with them."

Dr. Parth S (Masters in Public Health (MPH) - University of North Texas. USA)

"The best thing that I liked about Academy One was their cooperation and assistance in the entire admission process. I was also impressed by their subject knowledge as well - which proved to be really very helpful."